This is some text, and it goes on and on for a bit. Eventually, this fixed-height container will either overflow, or you will have to add scroll-bars, or do something.

Enter Read More!

This Action creates a lovely overlay window to show either the remainder of the text, or all of the content in the parent window.

Simply insert the Action inline at the end of a paragraph. Your text beyond that point will be hidden when the page loads, and the Action-item will be replaced with a "more" link. When visitors click that link, they will see an overlay window showing either the remainder or the entire content of the parent box.


You can enter your favorite link text in the Action, adjust the width of the overlay, and choose whether to show only the overflow content or the entire contents of the box.

This link is set to create a slightly narrower overlay window, and to repeat all of the content in the overlay.

You will want to create a style for your "more" link (otherwise, it's just an unstyled paragraph element). To match this page, you need to create a tag-only style with the Tag set to .more and the following Extended attributes:

You also need to set the font, color, size, and paragraph alignment. (I used Helvetica, black, 11px, and right, respectively.) Those can all be set in the normal style editor interface.


Here's how this looks in Freeway...