This calendar is generated by the venerable Unix ‘cal’ program. Events are described in a simple text file, and the Ajax navigation and current day highighting are managed using Prototype-flavored JavaScript.

Here’s an example of the link data file for this calendar:

2011-03-11 Apple, Inc.
2011-03-05 Walter Davis Studio
2010-12-31 Times Square
2011-03-11 Apple Store

The format is simple: an ISO date, followed by a URL, followed by any text you wish to appear within the link. Each of these elements is separated from the others by a single space. Naturally, this means that any spaces in your URL will break this system — but you shouldn’t have any spaces in your URLs anyway, right? Spaces within the link text are just fine, though.

If you have more than one link on a single date, a popup menu chooser will be automatically generated. (Try it out on the 11th — iPad2 day!)

Link to a specific month from outside the page: just make an anchor in the format #_2011-09: test here.