Rounded in Freeway (Image Inspector settings)

Rounded using the CSS3 Corners Action to write the CSS, then editing that code.

  1. Apply the Action to the photo, and set it for your desired corners.
  2. Preview the page into a text editor, or use View Source in a browser to find the CSS it wrote. (You'll recognize it by the attribute -webkit-border-radius.)
  3. Copy the entire style rule to the clipboard. (A style rule begins with the name of the thing it applies to, followed by a set of attributes inside curly braces, like this: p { font-style:normal }. You need to select the entire rule, but not any other rules to make this work.)
  4. Remove the Action from the photo.
  5. Open the Page / HTML Markup dialog, and choose Before </head> from the picker in the lower-left corner.
  6. Type in <style type="text/css">
  7. Paste in the style rule from the clipboard.
  8. Edit the selector (the part at the beginning of the style rule, outside of the curly braces) so that if it started with #item1a { it now begins with #item1a, #item1a img {
  9. Type in </style>
  10. Close the dialog and preview. Your image should now have rounded corners.